Somewhere over the Rainbow

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Duration: 3:49 mins




Love. Lost. Let Go.

Have you ever had so many strong emotions that you could not describe how you truly felt? How would you translate those thoughts into images?

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” is a story about a persons struggle with faith, hope & love, when all seems to be lost. Explore a visual mosaic journey at the crossroads of ones life and how art is explored for self-healing. Shot entirely in Maui, USA.

Director Vincent T Joachim created his own style of communication called “Photo Language” that uses time-lapse, poetry, symbolic and story telling images to visualize unspeakable emotions from the soul.

Directed and Edited By: Vincent T Joachim

Filmed By:

Vincent T Joachim

Holden Cambaliza