Breathless in Trinidad & Tobago

Breathless in Trinidad & Tobago


“Breathless in Trinidad & Tobago”

Duration: 25 Mins




Vincent T Joachim and Jeff Cruz traveled to Gonzales, Trinidad and setup a free photography program with over 20 marginalized youths in February 2008. The workshop documented the Carnival, the youth, their community and culture through hope and empowerment. The goal was to change the youth perspective, not just with a camera, but also in their everyday life.

Trinidad & Tobago is beautiful twin island located in the Caribbean Sea. It has a total population of 1.3 million people. In the year 2008 over 500 murders have taken place in the country. The community of Gonzales is at the epicenter of the countries many social economic problems. Through the many photo and life challenges, the youth are inspired to make a change in their community. The youths organize a peace rally that inspires their community to make changes.

This documentary features the videography and photography of the youth.

Production credits

- Executive Producer: the Pursuit Art Gallery
- Producer: Vincent T Joachim Wall Decor
- Screenwriter: Vincent T Joachim
- Editor: Vincent T Joachim, Natasha Joachim, Chantel Bender

- Cinematographer: Vincent T Joachim, Jeff Cruz, Joy Cameron, Paul Dookwah, Samuel Hamlet, Shannon Jacob Gomes
- Original Score: Roy Cape Allstars ft Blaxx, Farmer Nappy, Kerwin Du Bois
- Sound: NoHow Marley

- Vincent T Joachim
- Jeff Cruz
- Paul Dookwah
- Samuel Hamlet
- Jamie Thomas