Photo Language Concept

So what is photo language? I came up with this style of photography to tell stories of deep emotions, metaphors and communicate through imagery that the verbal language can’t communicate in. Have you ever wanted to describe a situation or emotion and you had no words to explain it? If 90% of communication is done non verbally where does art fit in?

The main concept behind my teachings are hands on learning and story telling. The actual photograph is secondary. Technology is not important. The main camera is your eye. The real fun challenge is relearning how to see the world around you. For example, in a workshop, I will give you a word and it is up to you to find that interpretation around you. Anybody can do this!

I encourage you to take a workshop and not over think photography but simply use your senses and tell a story! CLICK!


The picture below is an example of my “Photo Language” style. It is a real picture. Don’t think about the technical aspects but think outside the box.

What do you see? What emotions come to your mind?

Put yourself in the photograph!


Vincent T Joachim