My #Top #12 #artistic #creations for #2012 pt2/4

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9. Peace Bridge Time Lapse


Watch Video at link below 


A time lapse of the opening of the Peace Bridge in Calgary,Ab, Canada.

Bridge Designed by Santiago Calatrava.

The video features Mayor Nenshi, Kirk Ramdath, Original Rudes, Grimm Reminder, & the Chief of the Blackfoot Nation.


Creative Note: With the popularity of Instagram, I really wanted to push the limits on how I see the world and seperate my creations from other artists/photographers. I got the idea to do a couple of scenes half in the water and half above.


Bonus: Orignal Rudes & Grim Reminder perform at the opening of the Peace Bridge.




8. Where 2 Rivers Meet


Inspired by Kirk Ramdath’s poem called “Calgary” where he describes where 2 rivers meet (The Elbow and the Bow River), I was really inspired by his words to directly create art from it. I think it is so significant where these 2 bodies of water meet to join as one. It symbolizes marriage, relationship, friendship and unity.


Bonus:You can also listen to Kirk Ramdath’s poem here.




7. Woodridge Youth Arts Action group and my work with Antyx Community Arts.

Watch video youth created here


I have been working with Antyx Community Arts for almost 2 years and I love my job!!! I have such a unique opportunity to work with marginalized youth and make a difference in the community. I worked with youth in the community in Woodridge and guided them  in a video project about lowering the cost of bus passes. The youth presented their video at City Hall and City Council has approved their request!! It just goes to show the power of the arts and the voice it gives. We can all make a difference in our community!


Saila, from Woodridge’s Youth Action Group celebrates as City Hall votes in favour 4-3 on lowering costs on bus passes for low income youth. She gave a speech and showed a video she created with other youth. It is a huge accomplishment for her and her fellow youth for making change in their community and city!





I will be moving the majority of my artistic creations in 2013 to my artist like page VTJ’s Photo Language. If you want to follow my artistic creations like the page! I will be releasing my top 12 creations for 2012 in the next 4 days. Thanks for your support!

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Vincent is a professional artist specializing in photography, multimedia and video. He graduated from SAIT in 1999 with a Journalism Arts Diploma and graduated from AMTC in 2001 with a Multimedia Diploma.

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