Hands on Learning

There are many ways to learn how to become a better photographer. You can read a book, watch tutorials online or sign-up for classes at a school. No matter what you choose, the best way to improve your skills is actually by taking photographs. You can gain all the knowledge and research you want but if you don’t put that into practice into use then

Photography is about capturing the moment or telling stories. When you take a Photo Language workshop, you get hands on experience in the field and get one on one teaching. In a 3hr-4hr session, you will learn so many new skills by putting theory and knowledge into taking photographs. This workshop is much different experience than an actual photo class or lecture.

Class sizes are capped at 14 to make the workshops more intimate and you receive more feedback from the instructor. Learn by taking photographs in beautiful areas in Calgary or outside the city.

Photo Language makes learning photography fun and challenges you to think outside the box! Come to a workshop and learn by snapping away!