Vincent is a professional artist for the past 17 years specializing in photography, multimedia, video and youth art facilitation. Vincent has a degree in Motion Picture Arts from RDC in 2015. Additionally, he has two diplomas in photojournalism (1999) and Multimedia (2001).

In April 2015, Vincent produced/directed/wrote “AN.X.O” (pilot episode) that was shown on TELUS Optik TV on Demand. AN.X.O was $10,000 winner of TELUS STORYHIVE.

Additionally, Vincent’s work has been published and showcased in many art galleries, Time magazine, and numerous programs and books for the City of Calgary. He has teamed up with many non-profit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Red Cross, Antyx Community Arts and the Tallman Foundation to empower youth. His most notable projects have been the “Hope Art” program that involved 18 schools in the greater Forest Lawn area in Calgary and his “Trinity Art” program in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. Since 2007, he has worked with over 2000 youth through the arts.

Vincent’s newest artistic goals are to create stories through film that focus on faith, hope and love.


runningArtist Statement

Have you ever had emotions you could not explain or had trouble describing a situation with words? Visual communication is so important in our society and the majority of us do not even realize we are using it. This non verbal communication can be demonstrated through our many senses like body language, symbols or metaphors. As I continue to evolve as an artist, I am becoming more intune with this communication and I call it “Photo Language.”

Additionally, I am always telling stories through creative mediums such as photography, video and design. My latest venture is 3D Photography, poetry and hip hop music. I am working on a book idea/project as well as music. I am always trying to grow as an artist and progress in my knowledge.

My passion is working with marginalized youth and using art as a medium to empower them. I love to see youth build self-confidence and have a voice through art creation.

My style of visual communication is being a storyteller. My inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit.